Junior Showmanship


Juniors are the future of dog sports and responsible dog ownership.  Junior Showmanship classes are offered at many dog shows.  In these classes young people exhibit their handling skills.  By participating in Junior Showmanship, juniors learn sportsmanship, ring procedures, grooming and handling techniques, and they develop a close bond with their dog.

Click here to learn more about Junior Showmanship:  AKC Junior Showmanship
For Junior Showmanship rules:  AKC Junior Showmanship Rules

Our Current Juniors:

Current Junior
Paul and Bradley competing in Jr. Showmanship

Current Junior
Abbie with Bicker winning Best Junior Handler

Ashton and Bicker winning their Jr. Handling class  

Our Future Juniors:

Future Juniors
Alysssa and Georgie

Future Junior Handler