2017 Specialties

The ISCS will move its specialties back one weekend for 2017. We will be with the Olympic Kennel Club in Enumclaw. A potential of 5 majors over four days – Rainier Sporting Dog Association on Thursday, ISCS independent specialty on Friday, ISCS concurrent specialty with OKC on Saturday, and OKC on Saturday and Sunday.  

2016 Specialties

Our August specialties were dedicated this year to the memory of two members who passed away last year – Karen Lowe and Flori Page.
Trophies by Kathy Erickson (House Afire Clay) and Jolee Chartrand (Monrovia Mudworks) got rave reviews as usual.
Judges Michael Goldman, Valerie Brown, Maggie Ford and Marissa Clark did a great job of sorting through their entries. Congratulations to all the winners! Results may be found at: https://www.barayevents.com/results.phtml?action=listevents&sid=1054
We always have a fun time at our specialties, catching up with people we don’t get to see very often, and just enjoying our redheads. Plan on joining us next August for another party!

BOB both days 2016
Best of Breed: Friday/Saturday – August 26/27, 2016
GCH Abbeylane Tramore Above the Limit.
Owners:  Dale Michaelson & Brian Rasmussen

Conformation Show

At conformation dog shows, dogs are judged according to how well they conform to the established breed type as described by their breed’s official standard.  Dog shows are more than just a beauty contest - the purpose of conformation shows is the evaluation of breeding stock.

Click here to learn more about conformation dog shows:
AKC Conformation Shows
For rules applying to dog shows:
AKC Conformation Shows Rules